RYA Basic Sailing (Level 2)

This course is essential in two ways, firstly to further practice and improve skills learned on level 1 course and secondly gain  more confidence and learn additional topics. this course is aimed for those who by the end of the course would achieve the confidence to sail without direct instruction under minimal supervision. Our instructors would guide the participants on how to improve their skills and gradually instill confidence in the sailors.

Course Outline:

Rigging & Unrigging several types of boats (more detailed parts)

Improve your tacking & gybing  skills and sailing effectively.

Introducing theory of sailing & first rules of the road.

Launching & recovery with inshore & offshore winds.

Capsize, safety precautions, man overboard recovery,

Coming alongside, Knots, mast & sail setting,

Further knots, boat trim & balance, heaving to,

planning your course, safety & precautions.

Sailing Independently is the Aim of this Course .



After taking this course students are expected to be able to Rig and indicate most of sailing boat parts & rigging, and sail a triangular course in light to moderate condition, Launch and recover boat from a slipway, recover a capsized boat, and a man over board. Tie 6 different types of knots. (reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline, round turn & two half hitches, rolling hitch.)

RYA Level 2 Certificate of completion will be awarded to successful  students.   If desired standard is not attained, individual additional lessons may be required prior to certification.

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