RYA Dinghy Sailing Level 1

START SAILING  (level 1)

This course is intended for those persons who are willing to learn the first basic steps of this enjoyable and challenging sport to become a dinghy sailor.  The course is held over two days with lessons starting at 9.30 hrs till 16.30 hrs (with a lunch break). Both theoretical and practical sessions would be covered throughout the course.

Sailing Level 1: Course  Outline

Main boat parts & Rigging, Launching. Clothing & Safety.

First Basic knots ( reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend,

r/turn & two half hitches) , Wind direction , orientation & balance.

Basic Sailing Points i.e. Beating, Reaching & Downwind, with required settings.

Required sheeting & center board settings of all sailing points.

Tacking, gybing, stopping, regaining speed and basic boat handling.

Capsize recovery on a single handed boat.

After completing this course students are expected to be able to indicate main sailing boat parts & rigging, and sail a triangular course in a mono sail (topper or Topaz) in light to moderate condition all under supervision

Those students with the ambition to sail independently and want to learn more sailing skills , are to take the follow up Level 2 course. (see Level 2 Course Outline for more information .)

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