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“The Magno’s size and construction will provide an affordable option for a family who want to cruise together or introduce children to sailing, but who also want youngsters to experience performance racing together or with friends. Manageable performance is guaranteed with a good turn of speed and exciting asymmetric spinnaker

“The Topaz MAGNO is simplicity itself to rig and launch, and the control systems are child’s play. The boat will appeal to all the family and is user friendly from day one.”

TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.

“The Magno’s three layer (Trilam Metalicene) system of sandwich construction provides the perfect combination of stiffness durability and moderate weight.”

This Magno is brand new still in original vacum packing. Includes Spinnaker, cover, & launching trolley.It is also equipped with a mylar racing main sail. The price reduction is to clear space. Save over Euro 1000 on a brand new boat !!!!  Selling Price Euro 6200.00




One of the most successful double handed racing dinghies of the modern era, the RS200 responds to finesse and dedication rather than physique to allow couples and young teams share the action.     On the open sea, the success of the RS200 is proof that it is by far one of the most popular boats sailed today. TheRS200 has a huge following and is raced passionately by hundreds of keen sailors and has an asymmetric spinnaker to provide excitement downwind whilst being manageable for a wide range of abilities. The RS200 is the double hander everyone want to sail.

I bought this boat directly from RS Sailing in UK in pristine condition, I used it personally for about 4 times max. I paid Euro 6648.00 (can show original invoices)  ( and cost another Euro 800.00 to ship it over) I also did a new cover for Euro 200.00  Total cost Euro 7648.00. Extra equipment includes Launching trolley spare tiller extension. The boat comes fully equipped for racing inc spinnaker, also comes with a spare  brand new set of sails (Main & Jib) still sealed.  I am cutting a loss of Euro 1000.00c thus selling for Euro 6648.00

rs_200_d2.      rs-200



Perfect for beginners – Youngsters and newcomers to sailing will love the Topper because she is so easy to handle and nothing comes close to the now famous Topper grin factor.

Perfect for families – Unlike other small boats the Topper has something to offer the whole family. Whilst she is simple, safe and stable to inspire confidence in young or novice sailors. She offers pedigree handling and racy performance levels as competence levels grow – which other ‘beach-boats’ can only dream of.

Perfect for Racing – The Topper offers a phenomenal race and training scene. Friendly but competitive, the circuit is a fantastic place to be. And a breeding ground for some of the UKs very best young sailors!

Rugged and durable construction – The boat is stronger and lighter than any other comparable boat. So she is easier to handle on the water and ashore. The Topper is virtually maintenance free. AND a proven track record of reliability means that resale values are sky high.

Car-toppable – The Topper hull weighs in at just 43kgs and is the perfect design for car-topping. In fact, this fantastic feature is where the name ‘Topper’ originates from. You can just pop the Topper on to the roof of your car and transport your sailboat cheaply and effortlessly wherever you decide                       Boats in Stock : New and Used




The RS Feva is a world leading double-handed sailing dinghy with a huge race circuit and recreational following across the globe – An International best seller!

The worlds best selling two-person sailboat in recent years, an ISAF Class, winner of Dinghy of the Year in the USA, Coup de Coeurs in France, an RYA Supported Junior class…the list of honours goes on and on. The RS Feva is the benchmark in small sailboats.

There are established fleets that continue to grow all around the globe, with training and club racing right up to World Championship competition. The RS Feva is, however just as popular with training clubs as it is on the race circuit and is the class leader for teaching advanced sailing in the youth scheme. Whether it’s racing, training or recreation the RS Feva is unparalleled in every aspect.

It has a similar audience as the Mirror dinghy or Cadet dinghy classes, yet offers a more modern solution. The RS Feva is built using a hard-wearing pioneering construction technique and has modern, simple rigging compared to rivals. The RS Feva also offers a modern skill set in terms of the asymmetric spinnaker which allows easier progression to skiff style dinghies. With a huge international race circuit, the RS Feva is the perfect small boat for developing sailing and racing skills as well as providing family fun.    NEW & USED IN STOCK



Topper Blaze: This boat is as new use only a few times. Very fast and exiting boat equipped with retractable outriggers for effective hiking.






  • Ideal for young solo beginners to gain confidence.
    • Space for two crew.
    • Can be set up with one sail or a main and jib.
    • Choice of Dacron or Mylar sail.
    • Exceptionally stable.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Very robust, maintenance free TRILAM construction –
    • ISAF ‘Learn to Sail’ Class

The TOPAZ SYSTEM comes with a choice of rig options so the boat can be set up to suit you. The TOPAZ SYSTEM hull comfortably holds two people of any size so can be sailed singlehanded or as a two person dinghy.

The TOPAZ ‘UNO PLUS’ is the most popular rig option and one of our best sellers. The UNO PLUS offers great value as a simple one or two person boat. It is easy to handle and very robust. This rig option provides a great introduction to sailing as well as being an ideal multi-purpose family dinghy.

The TOPAZ ‘RACE PLUS’ rig offers extra performance with the use of a more powerful 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail.

The TOPAZ ‘RACE X’ rig is for more experienced sailors featuring the addition of a 9.0m2 asymmetric gennaker. The Yachts and Yachting test concludes that the Race X will deliver “seriously fast sailing for the club sailor right through to a professional sailor. The asymmetric system is simple, easy to use and easy to rig and takes the boat to yet another level only found in boats costing twice the retail price”.

The TOPAZ ‘TRES’ rig offers a great introduction to trapeze and asymmetric sailing. The Yachts and Yachting test states “Once the kite is up, the Tres fairly shoots away. Reaching performance is truly in the apparent wind sailing league”.


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